How to Pick a Wedding Date

“So when is the big day??” This is one of the first questions that you’ll be asked after you get engaged, well after… you know, detailed accounts of the whole proposal, and a nice little swoon session over your ring. But yes, once the story of the proposal is over, the date will be the next big subject that everyone will be asking you about.

Setting your wedding date can be something as simple as picking out a day you like on the calendar; or it can be process that involves multiple considerations about traditions, people, vendors etc. If you belong to the latter group, or would just like some pointers on how to select a good date, below are some tips for you.

Discuss about your visions

We realise that a lot of our how-to articles start with having both of you talk to each other. The reason for this is obvious, it is your wedding, and having open, honest conversations about what you envision for the big day is crucial in coming up with an event that fits both of your ideals. When discussing your dream wedding, a few things will crop up: the style, the background, the theme or general mood, what outfits you like and so on. These topics will help you in choosing the season that you want to get married in, e.g. if you have always dreamed of a garden wedding with an outdoor reception, then maybe late spring or early summer will be a good choice.

Special dates

Some couples may choose to get married on a date that holds a special meaning to them. Examples of these are: your dating anniversary, the date of your proposal, your parents’ anniversary etc. If you do choose a meaningful date, you can add extra personalisation to your wedding stationery, website or speeches by mentioning the story associated with it. Besides sentimental dates, dates with numerical significance are also pretty popular, such as 8/18/18, 8/1/18 and more. Getting married on these unique dates will help you remember your anniversary date much more easily later.

There are certain cultures that have specific traditions when it comes to determining a suitable wedding date. An example of this are the Chinese, who consult the lunar calendar to pick an auspicious wedding date. If this applies to you, remember to consult your parents or relevant experts before deciding on a date.


The season and weather are very important in setting the mood for your wedding. Each season has its own particular characteristics: Spring is associated with pastel colours and freshness; summer comes with bright, light-hearted fun and beautiful sun-drenched pictures; fall gives you gorgeous, rich colours and cozy settings; and if you have your wedding in winter, prepare to be dazzled by splendid snow-covered landscapes and hints of holiday celebration. If both of you have discussed about your visions for the wedding, it shouldn’t be hard to narrow the choices down to a certain season, and select the date from there.


There are pros and cons when it comes to hosting your wedding on a holiday. On one hand, it is easier for guests to attend, especially out-of-towners who have to travel a great distance for the celebration. Also, everyone is generally more relaxed and ready to have fun during holiday season. On the other hand, your guests may have their own plans for the holidays, and may not want to disrupt their original arrangements for your event. Besides, travel and accommodation are usually more expensive in the holidays. If you are considering getting married at a time associated with a holiday or special event, remember to weigh the advantages and challenges before making a decision.


It is a pretty well-known fact nowadays that off-season weddings carry lower price tags compared to peak season events. Summer and fall are the most popular seasons to get married in, so if you choose a date within these months, especially on a Saturday, it will be challenging to negotiate for discounts. If you are not keen on paying a high price for your vendors, but would still like to hold your wedding in the summer or fall, you can consider a weekday or Sunday wedding. Generally, these days are a little cheaper compared to Saturdays, but the pricing may differ amongst vendors.

One thing to consider when picking an off-season date, though, is that flowers and certain food are seasonal, so even though you may save some bucks in venue bookings, you may end up spending a little more on decor and catering, especially if you are determined to have specific blooms that are not in season at the time of your choosing.

Your VIPs

You probably have a list of really important people that you definitely want in your wedding. This could be your immediate family, grandparents, childhood best friends etc. Before confirming your date, ask each of them if they will be available at that time, so you can ensure their attendance on your big day. However, remember to keep this discussion to your essential VIPs only, if you ask too many people about this, you will end up stressing over too many different opinions.

As a final note, pick a date and timeline that works best for the both of you, and always be flexible. Happy planning!

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