How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photos are one of few things that will last long after your wedding day, therefore finding a good professional to help you capture those memories is a pretty big decision. Since wedding photography is a highly competitive industry, the number of choices available out there can be overwhelming when you first do your research. So how do you sort through the bulk of possible options and figure out who to hire for your big day? Read on below for a guide on how to choose a wedding photographer who is suitable for you.

Photography Style

Photography is an art, and similar to other art forms, it is a very subjective matter. A photo that looks beautiful in your eyes may not be as appealing in that of someone else’s. When browsing through the portfolio of different photographers online, pick out those whose photos you like and feel that you can connect with. This should be a very quick instinct, even if you can’t tell at first if you really like a person’s style, you should be able to weed out those whose pictures you don’t like pretty quickly.

We know that there are many different styles of wedding photography nowadays, such as photojournalistic, fine art, portraiture etc. However, these terms can end up being confusing if neither of you are very knowledgeable about photography. Rather than trying to define a specific style that you want, think about how much you enjoy looking at a photographer’s work instead. Some couples like bright, natural shots; while others prefer unique angles and contrasted editing. Whichever it is for you, select only the artists whose work you can connect with.


Once you have narrowed down the photographers whom you like, you can start inquiring with them about their availability.

Pricing and Packages

For the photographers who are available on your wedding day, look further into their available packages to see if they fit into your budget. When going through packages, take note of what they have to offer, and see if it covers all that you are looking for. Some photographers offer additional items like an engagement session, albums, slideshows etc., if you would like those but they’re not included in the quotes, ask about the prices for those add-ons if they can be provided by your desired photographer(s). You may have to add or remove items in a certain package, if that is the case, ask your photographers if they have the flexibility for customisation.

Arrange for a Consultation

Finally, schedule a meeting with the photographers whose pricing fit inside your budget. During the consultation, besides making sure that your questions and concerns are addressed appropriately, also take note of how comfortable you feel with the person that you are meeting with. Your photographer will be working with you for possibly ten hours or more during your wedding day, mostly in close quarters, therefore it is very important to find someone whom you feel at ease with. Discomfort and awkwardness can show in photos, so how you feel in the presence of your photographer matters.

To help you prepare for your initial consultation, we have rounded up a list of questions that you can ask them during the first meeting. Take a look at the questions to ask your photographer here for more information!

Happy planning!

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